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The marketing octopus has legs in the fields of Digital, Social, Branding, Performance, Analysis & Research, SEO and PPC. So large are these fields they require people who specialise in those areas. Cue our marketing teams. At FH we have a specialists for each area of marketing and that's all they do, day in, day out -  well we let them have the occasional day off ;o)

If you want a job done well, you need a professional in that sphere to do it for you - but we suggest taking it a step further. Get a professional who gets pumped up about it. Get a specialist who sees it as a special project and delivers more than you ask.

We are in bed with Bing and Google as Accredited and Preferred Professional Partners so know exactly how to present a business to be accepted and ranked as highly as possible, for not only the big 2, but all of the top 30 search engines - many of those you have probably never heard of! Our Marketing Tech partnerships expand into Hitwise, Hotjar and Synthesio so you can rest assured we are at the front of the field at all times.

Find out how Funky Howler can take your business forward into the next league, speak to us today on 0203 302 3515. or get in touch with us and prepare to get excited.

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