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Consultancy Services

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Digital has got huge, with all the technology and options available to a business, especially one that may be in a saturated market it is crucial to make your steps the right ones.  Developing Brand awareness among your customers, standing out from the competition -for all the right reasons! - and hitting the sweet spot has to be the goal of every growing business.  And if you’re not growing you’re going backwards.

Strategic Marketing makes sure that the moves you make are the right ones and deliver the largest return on investment possible.  To do that well we have to know you and your competition inside out.  By using various analysis and insight tools, we can observe the market and it’s players, then develop strategy to navigate your business through the market and capture your customers and their sweet spots using whatever channels are best.

Our Funky Howler Marketeers, have noses like bloodhounds when it comes to sniffing out strategy and putting your business on the right track. Just don’t expect to see them in boots, swords and capes, Dave did ask, but we thought it was a bit too dramatic!

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