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The field of data analytics has stepped forward with software Synthesio.  With its advanced scope of data capture, it can now show us an extended online business environment by utilising a totally scalable, metric driven system enabling you to measure all web based activities.  

Synthesio reveals essential key performance indicators and return on investment statistics  to validate the best strategic options to pursue above and beyond the standard likes and follows and reposts that have been the previous indicators of audience choice and direction. We can now pick and choose who to focus on and appeal to in order to attain higher conversions.

Using Synthesio we have the tech to identify and extract data to empower future business decisions.  We can discover customer opinion and preference, enhance what you know about your industry audiences, analyse your business’ social activity for growth and sales and scale resources among your strategic options.

Let us know when you are ready to utilise data to drive your business forward.

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Funky Howler has designed, built and maintained our website over a number of years.  Changing legislation means that our website has to continually evolve and remain compliant within the legal framework that we operate.  They proved to be proactive, flexible and someone we can depend on.  Moreover, they are very interested in the effectiveness of the website to our business model and frequently suggests improvements that help bring in more traffic.


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