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Bing Ads by Microsoft

Bing Paid Advertising - B B Brilliant

Bing Ads by Microsoft

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Google may be the daddy of Search Engines but it would be a foolish move to ignore Bing and Yahoo.  Especially when their paid advertising platforms can help you meet millions of potential customers. 

When done well, paid advertising is so effective in attracting customers because they are actively searching for the product or service you provide. 

Bing ads are very similar to Google’s except are displayed in both Yahoo and Bing.  Target elements are also incredibly precise being able to choose the age, gender and location of the target audience.

International businesses can benefit from explicit time zone settings as well as time set scheduling at home.  It’s also a savvy place to advertise as generally there is less competition so cost per click and cost per acquisition rates tend to be less in comparison and with the ad positioning being higher. Win, win!

Talk to us today about Paid Search Engine Advertising and what it can do for your business.

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