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Programmatic Display

Programmatic Displays to promote your business ads

Programmatic Display

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With the availability of digital tools putting our adverts right in front of our potential customers just at the right time to help us make a sale, they are an essential component in the paid search campaign arsenal.  

Programmatic display works similarly to pay per click in that the ad space goes to the highest bidder whenever a slot becomes available.  This is when your potential customer is waiting for a page they have clicked on to load for example.  The viewer fits the profile parameters and the opportunity has arisen for them to see your advert.  It is real-time purchasing opportunity at its maximum, when the viewer has searched for a particular site, service or product that matches what you can offer.  The chances of them being converted to a customer increase significantly when the timing is as honed as with Programmatic Display. 

The benefits are you can select the type of person who will see your ads down to details like gender, age, location and more. Again you can select the schedule and frequency and location of where your ads will appear.

Because the ads you deliver are so streamlined to the viewer, they are much more likely to enter a sale with your spot on advertising.

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