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Audience Profiling

Help your business know it’s customers and their digital habits to help strategy and decision making.

Audience Profiling

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Need supreme knowledge on a specific target group? Using Hitwise and Audience View Software we are able to bring valuable digital data to your doorstep.

Advanced software tools like these reveal who your visitors are, where they are coming from and an array of information that tells you what their details, activity and buying habits are.  We are able to get super specific and highlight certain individuals that you want to identify, perhaps of their interest in a particular product or service, enabling you to form your marketing campaigns around such knowledge.

Business savvy using Audience Profiling can help you with:

Content Development - We show you what your customer interests are and help you build content that will engage them

Gap Analysis - see the differences between your competitors customers and your own and what’s motivating them

Communication Strategies -  Knowing how to create messages and promotions or targeted visitors that will get them to acquire your products

Product Development - We can observe the market demand for new products or services

Audience Sizing - we can advise on the audience profile of a specific product or service for use in increasing sales

Paid and Display Advertising - reach potential customers where they surf online with ads that are built for specific audiences using insight data  

Affiliation Prospects - Expand sales by understanding how your audience aligns with potential affiliate customer profiles

Customer Acquisition - we show you who your repeat visitors and target audience are and how to entice them to purchase

Interested in having the ability to achieve any of the above? Contact us to start receiving insightful data today.  

Audience Profiling Service by Funky Howler
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