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It’s not enough to have a flashy website looking all shiny and new, these days the keyword is UX.  No it’s not another gaming platform, it stands for User Experience and is all about the satisfaction factor your viewer has when using your site.  

Negatives like pages taking too long to load, too many pop up adverts, too many things to look at, writing and text too small and hard to read, too many places to click to, never getting to the place they actually want, irritating loop tours of your pages, forms, buttons and links not working, and it goes on and on.

Think of it on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being bad and 10 being great. If you have any irritating issues your viewer’s patience may be getting a little thin and frustration is the only thing they may leave with instead of their new purchase from you.

You want your client to find the result of their search in 3 clicks or less.  You need the information to get to them, easily, quickly and clearly. You also need the info you want them to have, that they didn’t search for, to be digested on the way.  Their experience of your site has to flow sweetly ending in their purchase or subscription to your services, etc.

This is where we are hot….. our UX nerds, sorry - experts, are fantabulous at getting the user to cruise through your site with ease and pleasure abound.

To get a free, no pressure review of your site, get in touch today on 0203 302 3515. or email us and prepare to get excited.

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