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Aerial Film & Photography

Amazing aerial images of structures or scenes

Aerial Film & Photography

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Do you need to show, sell or examine a building or structure? Our drone photographers are able to capture incredible images of buildings etc from any angle or perspective, really showing the property in a unique light, above and beyond what images can be captured from the ground.

Perhaps you need to examine a roof, steeple or other high above the ground structure and the costs of scaffolding etc are to prohibitive? Our drones are able to examine the structure and take images or film footage for your inspection afterwards.

Whatever your needs, get in touch with us to find out how you can get this unique and handy perspective for your project.

With the ability to take shots from angles that were previously impossible or cost prohibitive, now easy as 1,2,3, unleash your imagination and our creative genius to capture images that will leave people saying wow when they see them.

There is no end to where you could use images of landscapes, even to decorate your interiors with a nature inspired feature wallpaper, or simply start a brochure with a jaw dropping shot. If you would like our team to capture something amazing for you from an aerial perspective, get in touch today.

It is commonplace these days for drones to be the stars that capture the stunning shots that make some film so memorable. Wildlife documentaries are probably among the best remembered. Drones open up previously unaccessible places, and let us see the wonder of what is to be beheld.

Film can now have 360˚ shots around a person or object and have it captured by one person and drone at extremely little expense and at maximum ease saving time and money in the editing suite. The exciting thing is drone shots are only limited by your imagination.

We work for commercial, video promotions, TV & Film across the UK and internationally where required. We are CAA and EASA approved and ARRI Certified.

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