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Content and Social

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Times have changed and it must be said that if we do not roll with the times then we will be left behind. 

Social media is mahoosive! From Instagram, to Facebook to Twitter and beyond, it’s time to get with the programme.  Your social marketing game is crucial to your business, no matter what that is, and clients at the very least want to know you are producing what they need and they like to hear that others are happy with you too, before departing with their precious, hard earned cash.

Social media marketing done well is the oil to the cog, it makes the wheels turn and attracts those precious leads and turns them into paying clientele. However, its enough that you have to run your business let alone promote it, that’s a full time job in itself. This is where we take that pressure off you and feed it to our marketing munchers, who eat social media for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and cocktails at the weekends too. It’s their mantra, their specialitè, their oxygen and they do it better than most of us ever could.

Our Funky Howlers will listen to your goals, get to know your customers and plan a whole social media onslaught for your business, including drawing up posts, editing your event info so it’s dripping with enticement, and can deliver them via your medium channels on your behalf. Your posts will look, feel and sound like your brand, and the people behind it, not just a faceless, online business.

As all our packages are tailor made for you, meaning you get all of what you want/ need and none of what you do not, duration, frequency, channels etc are all totally customisable.

You’ll get weekly / monthly updates and tweak your campaigns with feedback from you and your customers to ensure your social media campaigns are on budget, on target and on point!

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