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Paid Social Media

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We know the power of having a great social media presence for your business, well lets double it with paid advertising on your favourite social media channels. 

The customers to be found here can prove to be your most repeat or loyal customers, sharing and spreading the good word about you.  Paid social adverts are a superb way of getting every bit of news you need to spread out there heard by such people. Similar to Performance Marketing, you only pay when the target audience completes a specified action, that could be liking, subscribing, sharing or taking up a sales offer. 

You do not need to have organic campaigns in order for you to have paid social media adverts running, and our specialists in this field will give you all the advice and recommendations required to form a compelling ad campaign designed to hit your targets on their preferred platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.  

Once your campaigns have been designed, our paid advertising teams will provide all the data to ensure your adverts target the right people at the right time and in the right place to maximise those sales opportunities.

Post campaign launch, it’s our job to carefully manage the elements that will tweak the campaign into producing an excellent return on your investment.

Enjoy improved engagement with your customers, increased sales and lead conversions and build a greater social presence at the same time.  Find out today how paid social advertising can work for your business.

Paid Social Media offered by Funky Howler
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