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Butcher & Edmonds

Meat & Game Suppliers
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Butcher & Edmonds
Release Date:
December 2017
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Butcher & Edmonds


December 12, 2017

Butcher & Edmonds are a meat and game supplier to the highest quality restaurants in London, many of whom are Micheline starred.

They came to us requiring a new website and they also wanted to, over time, take stylish photographs of all their produce. When the full catalogue has been photographed, the goal is to become an e-commerce retailer and expand into the general public market.

Since the launch of their website, their client list has increased by 10% and their images have been viewed over 6000 times.

Chris Gladman, Meat & Game Supplier


Website Creation, Photography, SEO & Branding


Release Date:-

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Butcher & Edmonds

Visual Guidelines

The layout of the different sections of the site has been carefully produced to offer a clear and easy experience to the user. Chris was looking for a quality website that can be turned into an e-commerce store when needed. With so many products on offer and due to the very busy office, images are being photographed in stages.

Butcher & Edmonds




WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! FH approached us to work on our website which we admit was just one black page with some white text in the bottom left corner. Well look at us now. We have definately picked up clients just from how good our website looks now. FH are great at getting things done fast and clearly are very conscientious about what they do for their clients.

Speech MarksButcher & Edmonds
Chris Gladman,

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